An Elegy For The Slain

Unarmed, 20 shots, a “gun”, they “thought”

Paid administrative leave, full pensions received when justice is sought

Media narratives shift to demonization, for if the truth is told

They’d be forced to assume accountability and they aren’t yet bold

Marches for our lives, while we’ve marched all our lives

Empowering for some, but they rarely silence mothers’ cries

Or stop the blood from flowing, 290 slaughtered by blue this year alone

Victims dehumanized by a country that refuses to atone

For centuries of systemic terror, murder and trauma

But soon come the inescapable wrath of karma

Relics of unfulfilled potential crowd America’s trees

As the blood from strange fruit trickles down their leaves

Excellence, joy and legacy snatched by thieves

Those souls return to the Ancestral realm to be received

By the Gods Who created them in Their image

Through Spirit, encouraging us, “Never be timid.”

Liberation is inevitable, They promise the battle will be won

If not today, by tomorrow’s daughters and sons

“Tomorrow?”, we cry, “But, freedom’s overdue.”

We’ve reached the threshold, but pain ensues

Similar to the pain those before us endured for our gains

Though weary, we fight so their sacrifices don’t wither in vain

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